Inbound USA Insurance

Ideal health insurance for visitors to USA

Inbound USA Insurance (underwritten by Lloyds) is a visitor medical insurance plan for people visiting the USA. Travelers can obtain coverage for hospitals, doctors and prescription drug expenses.

Maximum medical expense coverage limit choices range from $50,000 to $130,000 per injury or sickness. See Inbound USA Insurance brochure and rates.

Offers coverage for acute onset pre-existing coverage upto policy maximum (usual sub limits apply) for upto age 69. So, people with a history of blood pressure, diabetes etc. can be covered for something that requires immediate urgent care (sudden heart attack, stroke or serious issue)

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<strong>Inbound USA Insurance</strong>


BBB Accredited Business
  • $50,000 to $130,000 medical limit
  • $70,000 medical limit for 70+ years
  • Visit any hospital or doctor
  • Coverage for hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions drugs
  • Coverage for x-rays, tests, ambulance etc.
  • Pre-existing condition acute onset covered till 69y
  • No Medical Exam or paperwork required

Our Promise

Our Promise
  • Full refund prior to start.
  • Best Prices with no Fees
  • Trusted & Time Tested
  • Instant ID Card & Kit
  • Claim Form Online
  • Underwritten by Lloyds, 300+ year old company


I just wanted to let you know that I purchased insurance coverage for my mother who is visiting from India (in the 75+ age group) from you. I have used one of the plans offered by you twice earlier. The insurance company has been very fair in the claims payment and reachable and efficient on processing claims - I highly recommend them.
Anita Rao, San Jose, CA

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