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Senior Citizens – Discover the World!

by Anu Sarma on July 19, 2013 Comments Off on Senior Citizens – Discover the World!

Are you tired of being at home, doing babysitting of your grandchildren? Are your eyes longing to capture the grandeur of the world? If yes, don’t restrain yourself from discovering the world around you. Your age should not be an obstacle in living your days to the fullest.

When we talk about traveling, hordes of options are available for the senior citizens as well. From choosing an ideal destination that lives up to their tastes to the place to cuddle and the mode of travel, all lie at their prudence.
For those who get pleasure from basking in beauty of the sun at the seaside, places like Hawaii Islands, Bahamas and the like are perfect holiday destinations. The art and architecture buffs can travel to the cities like New Orleans, Barcelona, etc. that are swarming with the masterworks of renowned architects and painters. Also, much-admired evergreen locations like Switzerland, Germany and so forth are worth to be seen. A royal feel of heaven on earth exists on a cruise voyage serving you with the finest of all amenities.


The decision of a destination is directly proportional to factors like budget, the climatic conditions, the food and the mode of transport.

Most of the senior citizens prefer to travel according to their pockets. The expenditure is by and large made from the savings. Keeping in mind the conditions of senior citizens, many travel agencies proffer discount packages.

If you intend to take a trip within the periphery of your country, you can reach your destination by traveling via bus, a train or a rented car. The cost will be relatively low as compared to cost on air tickets. But if the distance is a bit too lengthy then prefer to take a flight. Your well being always precedes your wealth.

At the old age one must consider food as a crucial factor while deciding on the destination. Your travel agent and a little exploration on the Internet can familiarize you with the food, tastes and the comfort plus the budget restaurants at the place you plan to go.

Also, ensure to leave when the climatic conditions of the destination are pleasant and enjoyable. It is always sensible to make an estimation of the weather conditions in advance and plan your trip accordingly.

Some tips:
The senior citizens should avoid moving with lot of cash. The better option is to carry your credit card.
Always try to carry a mobile phone and keep the emergency numbers handy.
Make sure to leave your complete itinerary and all the contact numbers with your family.
Ensure to pack all your essential and even not so significant medicines.
Also get all the reservations done in advance to avoid last minute anxiety and stress.

Trips can be trouble-free in life, all one needs is a little prudence and planning!

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Anu SarmaSenior Citizens – Discover the World!

Get a Job, Get Going in USA

by Anu Sarma on July 17, 2013 Comments Off on Get a Job, Get Going in USA

USA provides good employment opportunities being one of the most powerful economies of the world. If you are planning to get a job in the USA, you need to be highly qualified with potential skills according to the requirement standards of the job profile. USA even offers enormous employment opportunities for immigrants, though they need to possess L1 Visa or H1 Visa with specific work permit.


If we talk about jobs in New York, they usually revolve round the US automotive industry. Though it offers a broad range of employment opportunities, the correct training and specialized technical degree from a renowned university or college is a must, in order to qualify for such jobs. As this industry is spreading its wings fast even in the other parts of the country, rigorous training in this field can make anybody’s career.

According to a survey, it is known that in the list of USA’s richest counties, almost all the prominent New Jersey’s counties are present. Jobs in New Jersey are centered around production of electric equipment, pharmaceuticals, food processing, publishing, tourism and telecommunications in spite of the fact the region is well known for its agro products like vegetables, nursery stock, dairy products, fruits and nut and sea-food.

With the rise in healthcare industries in the USA, the jobs in this field are also growing drastically. Jobs like Hospital care jobs, clinical and physician services are among the widely preferred jobs among many of the immigrants. In addition to all these medical related jobs nursing has also made great way with new inventions in technology which introduced and imparted new and advanced methods of training courses in order to help the aspirant nurses. Moreover job positions like Paediatric Outpatient Occupational Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapist, Audiology Technician, Biochemist/Physiologist, Coding Compliance Specialist and physicians and Patient Care Technician are in great demand in the USA.

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Anu SarmaGet a Job, Get Going in USA

Avoid Online Travel Fraud

by Anu Sarma on July 15, 2013 Comments Off on Avoid Online Travel Fraud

Making travel plans over the internet has become exceptionally popular. It makes life so easy for us – no need to wander around in the sun looking for a reputed travel agency for tickets and other reservations. The trouble, however, with booking over the internet, is the apprehension of becoming fraud victim. The ambiguity and anonymity that the internet gives is an easy catch that unsuspecting patron fall for and are easily duped. The one thing that most people forget with internet travel booking is caution and thus ends up getting duped.


Below are few points to keep in mind to avoid being a victim of online travel scams:

What’s in a name? Trust…
Remember to always select and deal with a reputed travel company. It is always best to choose a travel company that you or someone you know has had positive dealings with before. Prior proceeding too far, make note of company’s registered name and address, and phone number for any further reference.

Done With Homework?
First-timers are always asked to be more cautious since most fraud victims are those who are dealing with a company for the first time. If you are starting from scratch, do a bit of research. Contact the consumer forum that is located in the same city as the travel company. If you see a volley of complaints in the name of that company, make sure not to deal with it.

Have questions? That’s better
You must always ask for specific details and request explanations, especially where it matters most. If the travel company draw on words that sound more like ambitiousness, ask for the particular details.

Major credit card pays
Always consider to make payments with a major credit card since major credit card companies permit you to confront charges offered to you. If the services at the destination do not meet your expectations, you can file a complaint with your credit card company as well as the travel agency.

No Tactics, please!
It is better never to buy a travel plan through a company whose agents use high-force approaches. Agents may force you by putting high-pressure for example you may be asked to sign now lest the cost goes up, or that only one trip package remains and is available for purchase.

Too good to be true? Not true!
Do not ever consider a tour package that seems too good to be true. In case, the entire trip costs less than the market price, proffers too many additional benefits, or offer any other unlikely features, then it simply isn’t a genuine offer.

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Anu SarmaAvoid Online Travel Fraud

Costa Rica: A place for Travelers

by Anu Sarma on July 12, 2013 Comments Off on Costa Rica: A place for Travelers

North America is a beautiful place to visit and live in. Costa Rica is a city in it which is known as the rich coast and is situated at the south of Central America. Due to its ultimate location, there is a wide variety of flora and fauna and friendly people. Costa Rica comes in as one of the top places chosen by travelers to spend time exploring the wide variety of biodiversity and marvelous places to roam about. Introducing you with the factors why Costa Rice is this famous among travelers.


Extravagant Geography
It is at the border of two oceans, the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The later provides an opportunity for a number of activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. On the contrary, Pacific Ocean provides the cleanest beaches, warmest climate, optimal waves, deep drop offs and plush sands etc. It offers luxurious beaches at the best suited prices.

Rich Biodiversity
Costa Rica is rich in mountains and volcanoes. Out of the 14 volcanoes five are active, the reason which is responsible for country’s rich biodiversity. One fourth of the total geographical area is government preserve for rainforests and national parks. Costa Rica is a beautiful place on the planet with it beautiful and diverse place. The sight of active volcanoes is a mesmerizing and over whelming sight of natures’ creation.

Complex Traditional Culture
A number of fruit varieties can be found all round the year, due to its tropical climate many of which are not grown anywhere else in the U.S. The people there are known as Ticos. Though they speak Spanish, but they are very much eager to communicate in English and this fact makes it easy for the travelers to communicate with the localities. So, in order to seek adventure and gain a new experience, explore Costa Rica and enjoy the new offering of life.

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Anu SarmaCosta Rica: A place for Travelers

Be Safe while Traveling to USA

by Anu Sarma on July 10, 2013 2 comments

While traveling to USA you must make sure that you have a safe and incident-free trip. Travelers can come across unexpected difficulties and no one can better make you aware about this than the U.S. consular officers. They work in more than 250 U.S. consulates and embassies around the globe.

Safety begins from us. To avoid becoming a target, better don’t dress in a way that you look like an affluent tourist and carry minimum number of valuables. Carry your cash, passport and credit cards with great security. The safest place to carry these things is in money belt or a pouch worn under your clothing.

When passing through customs, keep your medicines in their original labeled containers to avoid any problem. It’s better to bring the generic name of the drugs and copies of your prescriptions. Keep travelers’ checks and credit cards instead of cash and carry a photocopy of your passport’s information page with an extra set of passport photos in order to make replacement easy if your passport is stolen or lost.


Arrange these things before you go

Legal Documents
Keep your insurance documents, current will and power of attorney with your relatives or closed ones so that you feel secure while traveling and will be prepared for any kind of emergency that may arise meanwhile.

Be aware of the credit limit on each credit card that you carry, and avoid charging beyond that limit while traveling. Keep yourself aware of the procedure on how to report the card loss from abroad.

Check on whether your personal property insurance covers you for theft or loss abroad. Also, find out whether your health insurance covers you abroad. I would suggest you to purchase a policy which is designed for travelers that cover emergency assistance and short-term health and medical evacuation in the event of an accident.

Register your travel
The better way is to sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so that you may be contacted if required, whether because of a family emergency or because of any crisis in the area in which you are traveling.

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Anu SarmaBe Safe while Traveling to USA