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Can You Change Careers After Immigration

by Anu Sarma on January 14, 2013 Comments Off on Can You Change Careers After Immigration

Immigrating to a new country is one of the biggest decisions to make for anyone. There is a lot of change involved in every area of life like culture, environment, weather, and friends’ etc. and advance planning is required to materialize the decision. All the changes that happen in life with immigration are natural; however, there is another change that requires courage and self- determination: change of career.

U.S. government has provided provisions for immigrants to look for job after immigration through various sources. If you sponsored by an employer in United States of America, you’ll join that employer to begin with. There is no minimum time period for which you have to work for the employer who initiated your immigration. If there is a genuine reason for leaving the job, and you are able to find another job even in a different profession matching your skill set, education and experience, you have the right to switch. If you are planning a complete switch of careers after immigration, it is wise to enroll for training in the particular skill that you want to work in. There are a few links that can be very helpful while looking for a new job in either private or government sector. There are many jobs open in banks, labor market, information technology, science etc. You can check the following links for information on each sector:

It is not necessary but is advisable to work with the current employer for a minimum of six months’ time period as this will help at the time of interview during naturalization. However, the six month policy I am talking here is not a rule, just an advice.

Anu SarmaCan You Change Careers After Immigration