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Inbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA

by Anu Sarma on February 14, 2013 Comments Off on Inbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA

Going to the USA for a fabulous vacation is a dream for many travelers.  Due to the large number of tourist attractions, world famous shopping malls and other destinations, the country occupies a top spot on the ’must visit places’ list for many families. However, a joyous vacation may turn into a nightmare if you don’t plan properly, which is why it pays to be covered with medical insurance that is designed especially for visitors to the USA.

Keep your visiting relatives and friends safe and healthy when they are visiting you, since you never know when unwanted medical expenses can ruin a trip and disrupt your finances. In this article, learn about the coverage provided by Inbound USA plans, designed for those who are visiting loved ones in the USA.


Travelling to the USA without medical insurance can be a costly mistake. For those who become ill or are injured during a visit, possessing the right kind of insurance can mean severe financial hardship to the travelers or to the family hosting them. Which is why it’s critical that even before one begins the trip, the insurance protection is in place for the entire duration of travel (from the time one boards the flight in their home country to the time they get off the return flight in their home city).

Plan Selection

Selecting an affordable health coverage plan sometimes can be confusing, mainly because there are so many different options to choose from.  The Inbound USA insurance plan is one AFFORDABLE option that may work for you.  It offers maximum coverage of up to $130,000 at a very affordable cost, with four different coverage plans available, and is one of the only plans that offers a reasonable medical limit of $70,000 for travelers who are over the age of 70.  Plans can be purchased for as little as 5 days of coverage and up to a maximum of 364 days, and can be renewed in whatever increment you choose subject to a 5 day minimum.

With the high cost of medical expenses in the US, tourists, visitors and immigrants who plan to bring their parents abroad for a short while would be smart to choose Inbound USA insurance.  Hospital and doctor costs associated with treatment related to a new injury or illness are covered with the plan.

Protection for Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions

One of the strengths of the plan, is its benefits for a sudden and acute onset of pre-existing conditions. It is one of the few plans in the market that offers this benefit for a serious health condition arising out of ailments that existed prior to the start of the plan. For example, a traveler with stable medical conditions (i.e controlled blood pressure) is visiting the US and 2 months into his travel he suddenly suffers a heart attack. Usually such events can be covered under the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. ‘Sudden’, normally implies un-planned or un-expected. ‘Acute’, implies a serious health situation and not a mere inconvenience. There are also various levels or limits for pre-existing conditions benefits provided to the insured person.  The acute onset of pre-existing conditions can be covered up to the maximum medical limit defined under the plan. So, a plan with $50,000 medical limit can protect up to $50,000 in acute onset pre-existing conditions medical bills. However, it is important to note that the various sub-limits (like $1,400 limit per day at hospital, $50 per physician visit) defined under the plan will still apply to the acute onset of pre-ex condition benefit.

As an added benefit for international travelers that don’t want to be restricted to certain doctors or medical facilities when visiting the USA, Inbound USA plans no longer require policyholders to use physicians that are in their PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network.  To see a doctor of your choice, simply submit a claim for the expense by submitting your itemized bills to the plan, and everything will be processed for you.

Enrollment Basics

You already know how important it is to purchase medical insurance before travelling to the USA, but do you know what will happen should you fall ill during your trip or suffer from an unexpected injury while you or a loved one is away from home?  When you have an Inbound USA plan, you can rest assured that you or a loved one who has purchased the plan will be protected when they visit you, with coverage beginning as soon as they leave their home country.

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Anu SarmaInbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA