Inbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA

From the time the trip begins until the end of policy period, travelers to the US can enjoy insurance coverage that offers valuable protection in the event of an injury or illness.  One of the easiest travelers insurance plans to purchase, renew and use, Inbound USA plans take the hassle out of emergency healthcare.

For those who are purchasing coverage for themselves, or for a loved one that is planning a trip to the USA, Inbound USA plans can be easily purchased online, and it’s simple to renew the coverage if you want to extend the trip.  In the case of travelers who know exactly how long their trip will last, paying for the entire coverage period upfront versus paying month by month and renewing several times throughout the trip is an easy way to ensure that coverage won’t lapse during the visit. If you aren’t sure of how long a trip is going to last and what your exact return date will be, then it may be best to purchase a plan for a shorter period of time and renew it as needed. This way one can avoid the cancellation fees that occur when a plan is cancelled before the expiration date.


When a policy is cancelled prior to the effective date, the subscriber can send a written request for a full refund.  Requests for refunds on Inbound USA plans that are received after the effective date may receive a partial refund, but there will be a cancellation fee added. It’s important to remember that if the insured traveler tries to file a claim but ends up leaving the USA before their planned departure date, a refund for coverage won’t be available.

Coverage for these types of health insurance plans begins when you leave your home country and your application and premium have been received and processed.  This date is referred to as the “effective date” for your Inbound USA policy.  For all plans, coverage expires at 12:01 AM North American Eastern Time based on the earliest of the following events:  you return to your home country, you reach 364 days after the policy’s effective date, or you reach the expiration date on your ID card, or the day you are granted US citizenship or enter the military.

Plans can be renewed with a $5.00 processing fee and renewal requests can be submitted online, by mail or by fax, offering a convenient way for everyone to extend their Inbound USA coverage while travelling outside of their home country.  Policies that are at least five days in duration and purchased online are eligible for renewal, while those that are purchased via fax or mail can be extended for additional coverage if purchased or renewed for three months or longer.  It’s important to check your policy for the details on renewing prior to leaving for the US.

For those who are purchasing coverage for visiting parents or for loved ones who will be travelling together, you should buy two separate Inbound USA policies if there is any chance of one person leaving first.  This could occur if one parent becomes ill or if there is an emergency back in their home country.  If you purchase one policy, the other traveler would be left without coverage should one have to return home earlier than expected, which could lead to unexpected medical bills.  When it comes to making sure everyone is protected, consider this carefully before purchasing Inbound USA coverage for your family.


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Anu SarmaInbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA