Inbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA

Pricing and Selection of Medical Limit or Medical Maximum

When choosing your plan, you may be wondering how rates are determined and how affordable the plans are.  Inbound USA travel plans are referred to as fixed benefit plans, which include various benefit limits for each type of medical expense that is covered.

Hospital stays, diagnostics and other important medical services can be incredibly expensive to pay for out of pocket.  Inbound USA benefits include coverage for services like surgery costs, diagnostic test fees and other medical costs that you may incur during a sudden illness or after an accident.

For example, a patient that is 69 years old or younger can receive up to $1,400 per day (30 day maximum) for hospital room & board, and up $3,300 for surgical treatment that is deemed medically necessary.  The exact amounts that are paid out are determined by your age and desired coverage amount, so check policy details carefully when comparing the various plan options.

For travelers to the US, there is a deductible for each incidence of illness or injury, while the plan covers the rest of the expenses as required by the policy.  Inbound USA is a highly affordable option for travelers, as they have the most economical premiums yet still provide coverage for quality medical care when it’s needed the most.

The cost of the plan varies based on the applicant’s age, the deductible, and the desired medical maximum.  The plan maximums refer to the maximum, total amount of coverage that the policy provides per incidence of injury or illness.  The deductible for the policy is the amount the patient is responsible for paying in a medical emergency before the travelers insurance coverage kicks in.  For patients who are over 14 days old and up to 69 years old, applicants can chose from a $50,000, $75,000, $100,000 or $130,000 plan maximum, with either a $0, $50, or $100 per injury or illness deductible.  For patients who are age 70 and up to age 99, coverage is available with either $50,0000 or $70,000 medical maximums, and the plans come with either a $100 or $200 deductible option.

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Travel experts recommend purchasing as much coverage as you can afford before your trip begins, as paying for medical care in this country can be incredibly expensive without the right insurance plan.  Luckily, Inbound USA offers a wide range of plans that are designed to work with every traveler’s budget, making it easy to maximize your benefits and minimize worry about healthcare when travelling.

No one wants to think of what would happen in an emergency medical situation, but should you or your covered parent or loved one require medical treatment for an injury or illness while visiting the US, the plan will pay the coverage amounts listed in the Inbound USA schedule of benefits, less the per person deductible that you selected when signing up for your policy.  Treatment that a patient gets for any type of emergency illness or injury sustained during the coverage period must be received within 26 weeks of the injury or illness in order to be covered by the plan.  Read the details of your policy carefully so you know and understand all the benefits you are signing up for.


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