Inbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA

International travel coverage is available for those who purchase at least 30 days of continuous coverage, allowing visitors to visit any country outside of the US (with the exception of their home country), for up to 30 days during their trip.  You can’t use this benefit to return to your home country, however, and it cannot be extended after the plan’s current expiration date.

Emergency medical evacuations are also an important part of Inbound USA, as the policy will pay up to $50,000 if your medical condition requires an evacuation to a different medical facility for specialized treatment.  This service alone can be incredibly costly.  Additionally, Inbound USA travel insurance pays up to $7,500 for the return of mortal remains to your home country in the event of an untimely death, and provides up to $25,000 in common carrier accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) coverage for injuries or death sustained while in flight.  These are valuable benefits for family members and for travelers who are looking for protection for their loved ones.

Common Exclusions under the Plan

The plan has a few exclusions that should be considered carefully before signing up.  For example, benefits are not paid out for expenses or losses that are related to pre-existing conditions (unless it can be covered under the acute onset of pre-existing condition benefit), treatments that aren’t deemed to be medically necessary or when the emergency occurs during travel that is taken against a physician’s advice. It also does not cover most types of rehabilitative care, occupational therapy, HIV and AIDS treatment, routine physicals, eye and ear exams, dental care or pregnancy.  Please review your plan details for the full list of exclusions before leaving your home country, as it’s important to know what is and isn’t included in your coverage before the you leave.



Inbound USA makes it easy for visitors to the USA to get emergency health care when they need it, even when they are away from their home country. Consider it when traveling overseas or while planning for a visit from parents or other family members. It is necessary to have health insurance in case of an unexpected fall or sudden onset of a serious illness that requires emergency care. Inbound USA plans provide an affordable way to gain peace of mind when traveling and when you have those you love, traveling to see you.

Offering both value and easy to use claims and renewals processes, Inbound USA provides the benefits that travelers need the most so that they can focus on visiting their loved ones instead of worrying about their healthcare.

By taking the time to carefully select right travel insurance plan before leaving your home country, you and your loved ones will be ready for anything and can travel confidently when visiting USA.  It’s a smart solution when it comes to being prepared with health insurance no matter where you are, and it can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills should you become ill or injured while travelling.  See for yourself just how much you could save in the event of a medical emergency, and you’ll understand why Inbound USA plans are an economical choice for travel insurance that just makes sense.


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Anu SarmaInbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA