Inbound USA Insurance for Parents & Visitors to USA

|14 February 2013
Unwanted medical expenses may ruin your travel experience and disrupt your finances. In this article, read about coverage by Inbound USA.

Going to the USA for a fabulous vacation is a dream for many travelers.  Due to the large number of tourist attractions, world famous shopping malls and other destinations, the country occupies a top spot on the ’must visit places’ list for many families. However, a joyous vacation may turn into a nightmare if you don’t plan properly, which is why it pays to be covered with medical insurance that is designed especially for visitors to the USA.

Keep your visiting relatives and friends safe and healthy when they are visiting you, since you never know when unwanted medical expenses can ruin a trip and disrupt your finances. In this article, learn about the coverage provided by Inbound USA plans, designed for those who are visiting loved ones in the USA.


Travelling to the USA without medical insurance can be a costly mistake. For those who become ill or are injured during a visit, possessing the right kind of insurance can mean severe financial hardship to the travelers or to the family hosting them. Which is why it’s critical that even before one begins the trip, the insurance protection is in place for the entire duration of travel (from the time one boards the flight in their home country to the time they get off the return flight in their home city).

Plan Selection

Selecting an affordable health coverage plan sometimes can be confusing, mainly because there are so many different options to choose from.  The Inbound USA insurance plan is one AFFORDABLE option that may work for you.  It offers maximum coverage of up to $130,000 at a very affordable cost, with four different coverage plans available, and is one of the only plans that offers a reasonable medical limit of $70,000 for travelers who are over the age of 70.  Plans can be purchased for as little as 5 days of coverage and up to a maximum of 364 days, and can be renewed in whatever increment you choose subject to a 5 day minimum.

With the high cost of medical expenses in the US, tourists, visitors and immigrants who plan to bring their parents abroad for a short while would be smart to choose Inbound USA insurance.  Hospital and doctor costs associated with treatment related to a new injury or illness are covered with the plan.

Protection for Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions

One of the strengths of the plan, is its benefits for a sudden and acute onset of pre-existing conditions. It is one of the few plans in the market that offers this benefit for a serious health condition arising out of ailments that existed prior to the start of the plan. For example, a traveler with stable medical conditions (i.e controlled blood pressure) is visiting the US and 2 months into his travel he suddenly suffers a heart attack. Usually such events can be covered under the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. ‘Sudden’, normally implies un-planned or un-expected. ‘Acute’, implies a serious health situation and not a mere inconvenience. There are also various levels or limits for pre-existing conditions benefits provided to the insured person.  The acute onset of pre-existing conditions can be covered up to the maximum medical limit defined under the plan. So, a plan with $50,000 medical limit can protect up to $50,000 in acute onset pre-existing conditions medical bills. However, it is important to note that the various sub-limits (like $1,400 limit per day at hospital, $50 per physician visit) defined under the plan will still apply to the acute onset of pre-ex condition benefit.

As an added benefit for international travelers that don’t want to be restricted to certain doctors or medical facilities when visiting the USA, Inbound USA plans no longer require policyholders to use physicians that are in their PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network.  To see a doctor of your choice, simply submit a claim for the expense by submitting your itemized bills to the plan, and everything will be processed for you.

Enrollment Basics

You already know how important it is to purchase medical insurance before travelling to the USA, but do you know what will happen should you fall ill during your trip or suffer from an unexpected injury while you or a loved one is away from home?  When you have an Inbound USA plan, you can rest assured that you or a loved one who has purchased the plan will be protected when they visit you, with coverage beginning as soon as they leave their home country.

From the time the trip begins until the end of policy period, travelers to the US can enjoy insurance coverage that offers valuable protection in the event of an injury or illness.  One of the easiest travelers insurance plans to purchase, renew and use, Inbound USA plans take the hassle out of emergency healthcare.

For those who are purchasing coverage for themselves, or for a loved one that is planning a trip to the USA, Inbound USA plans can be easily purchased online, and it’s simple to renew the coverage if you want to extend the trip.  In the case of travelers who know exactly how long their trip will last, paying for the entire coverage period upfront versus paying month by month and renewing several times throughout the trip is an easy way to ensure that coverage won’t lapse during the visit. If you aren’t sure of how long a trip is going to last and what your exact return date will be, then it may be best to purchase a plan for a shorter period of time and renew it as needed. This way one can avoid the cancellation fees that occur when a plan is cancelled before the expiration date.


When a policy is cancelled prior to the effective date, the subscriber can send a written request for a full refund.  Requests for refunds on Inbound USA plans that are received after the effective date may receive a partial refund, but there will be a cancellation fee added. It’s important to remember that if the insured traveler tries to file a claim but ends up leaving the USA before their planned departure date, a refund for coverage won’t be available.

Coverage for these types of health insurance plans begins when you leave your home country and your application and premium have been received and processed.  This date is referred to as the “effective date” for your Inbound USA policy.  For all plans, coverage expires at 12:01 AM North American Eastern Time based on the earliest of the following events:  you return to your home country, you reach 364 days after the policy’s effective date, or you reach the expiration date on your ID card, or the day you are granted US citizenship or enter the military.

Plans can be renewed with a $5.00 processing fee and renewal requests can be submitted online, by mail or by fax, offering a convenient way for everyone to extend their Inbound USA coverage while travelling outside of their home country.  Policies that are at least five days in duration and purchased online are eligible for renewal, while those that are purchased via fax or mail can be extended for additional coverage if purchased or renewed for three months or longer.  It’s important to check your policy for the details on renewing prior to leaving for the US.

For those who are purchasing coverage for visiting parents or for loved ones who will be travelling together, you should buy two separate Inbound USA policies if there is any chance of one person leaving first.  This could occur if one parent becomes ill or if there is an emergency back in their home country.  If you purchase one policy, the other traveler would be left without coverage should one have to return home earlier than expected, which could lead to unexpected medical bills.  When it comes to making sure everyone is protected, consider this carefully before purchasing Inbound USA coverage for your family.

Pricing and Selection of Medical Limit or Medical Maximum

When choosing your plan, you may be wondering how rates are determined and how affordable the plans are.  Inbound USA travel plans are referred to as fixed benefit plans, which include various benefit limits for each type of medical expense that is covered.

Hospital stays, diagnostics and other important medical services can be incredibly expensive to pay for out of pocket.  Inbound USA benefits include coverage for services like surgery costs, diagnostic test fees and other medical costs that you may incur during a sudden illness or after an accident.

For example, a patient that is 69 years old or younger can receive up to $1,400 per day (30 day maximum) for hospital room & board, and up $3,300 for surgical treatment that is deemed medically necessary.  The exact amounts that are paid out are determined by your age and desired coverage amount, so check policy details carefully when comparing the various plan options.

For travelers to the US, there is a deductible for each incidence of illness or injury, while the plan covers the rest of the expenses as required by the policy.  Inbound USA is a highly affordable option for travelers, as they have the most economical premiums yet still provide coverage for quality medical care when it’s needed the most.

The cost of the plan varies based on the applicant’s age, the deductible, and the desired medical maximum.  The plan maximums refer to the maximum, total amount of coverage that the policy provides per incidence of injury or illness.  The deductible for the policy is the amount the patient is responsible for paying in a medical emergency before the travelers insurance coverage kicks in.  For patients who are over 14 days old and up to 69 years old, applicants can chose from a $50,000, $75,000, $100,000 or $130,000 plan maximum, with either a $0, $50, or $100 per injury or illness deductible.  For patients who are age 70 and up to age 99, coverage is available with either $50,0000 or $70,000 medical maximums, and the plans come with either a $100 or $200 deductible option.

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Travel experts recommend purchasing as much coverage as you can afford before your trip begins, as paying for medical care in this country can be incredibly expensive without the right insurance plan.  Luckily, Inbound USA offers a wide range of plans that are designed to work with every traveler’s budget, making it easy to maximize your benefits and minimize worry about healthcare when travelling.

No one wants to think of what would happen in an emergency medical situation, but should you or your covered parent or loved one require medical treatment for an injury or illness while visiting the US, the plan will pay the coverage amounts listed in the Inbound USA schedule of benefits, less the per person deductible that you selected when signing up for your policy.  Treatment that a patient gets for any type of emergency illness or injury sustained during the coverage period must be received within 26 weeks of the injury or illness in order to be covered by the plan.  Read the details of your policy carefully so you know and understand all the benefits you are signing up for.

International travel coverage is available for those who purchase at least 30 days of continuous coverage, allowing visitors to visit any country outside of the US (with the exception of their home country), for up to 30 days during their trip.  You can’t use this benefit to return to your home country, however, and it cannot be extended after the plan’s current expiration date.

Emergency medical evacuations are also an important part of Inbound USA, as the policy will pay up to $50,000 if your medical condition requires an evacuation to a different medical facility for specialized treatment.  This service alone can be incredibly costly.  Additionally, Inbound USA travel insurance pays up to $7,500 for the return of mortal remains to your home country in the event of an untimely death, and provides up to $25,000 in common carrier accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) coverage for injuries or death sustained while in flight.  These are valuable benefits for family members and for travelers who are looking for protection for their loved ones.

Common Exclusions under the Plan

The plan has a few exclusions that should be considered carefully before signing up.  For example, benefits are not paid out for expenses or losses that are related to pre-existing conditions (unless it can be covered under the acute onset of pre-existing condition benefit), treatments that aren’t deemed to be medically necessary or when the emergency occurs during travel that is taken against a physician’s advice. It also does not cover most types of rehabilitative care, occupational therapy, HIV and AIDS treatment, routine physicals, eye and ear exams, dental care or pregnancy.  Please review your plan details for the full list of exclusions before leaving your home country, as it’s important to know what is and isn’t included in your coverage before the you leave.



Inbound USA makes it easy for visitors to the USA to get emergency health care when they need it, even when they are away from their home country. Consider it when traveling overseas or while planning for a visit from parents or other family members. It is necessary to have health insurance in case of an unexpected fall or sudden onset of a serious illness that requires emergency care. Inbound USA plans provide an affordable way to gain peace of mind when traveling and when you have those you love, traveling to see you.

Offering both value and easy to use claims and renewals processes, Inbound USA provides the benefits that travelers need the most so that they can focus on visiting their loved ones instead of worrying about their healthcare.

By taking the time to carefully select right travel insurance plan before leaving your home country, you and your loved ones will be ready for anything and can travel confidently when visiting USA.  It’s a smart solution when it comes to being prepared with health insurance no matter where you are, and it can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills should you become ill or injured while travelling.  See for yourself just how much you could save in the event of a medical emergency, and you’ll understand why Inbound USA plans are an economical choice for travel insurance that just makes sense.

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