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Inboundusa Insurance Covers Visitor Medical Expenses

by Anu Sarma on February 20, 2013 Comments Off on Inboundusa Insurance Covers Visitor Medical Expenses

Travelers coming to USA for business, pleasure or study are required to take an insurance cover for the period of their stay in USA. The reason is simple that medical care is quite expensive here and cannot be affordable for everyone. Covered by an insurance plan assures proper medical attention at any unexpected event like injury, sickness etc. Injury might be caused by accident and sickness both pre- existing (like high blood pressure, diabetes etc.) and new sickness are covered till the age of 69. For elderly people above the age of 69, there are separate insurance plans offered by Inbound USA insurance.


Inbound USA provides medical insurance to non- US citizens, with the kind of coverage usually required. As soon as the visitor fills the form and pays the premium, one is covered for the period of stay in the US. The insurance can be renewed after a period of 364 days. General visitor insurance covers doctor visit, hospitalization and prescribed drugs. You can visit any hospital or clinic you wish to. You must be aware of the sub- divisions under your total insurance policy. Each service might have some maximum limit exceeding which you’ll have to pay the difference by yourself.

The insurance plan offers coverage from anywhere between 50,000 USD to 1, 30,000 USD for sickness or injury based on the age and period of stay. The plan can also be renewed easily online. Visit our website to get the quotes and rate schedules for each service under any plan. Fill the form with your name, age and period of stay in USA and get exact information regarding how much amount you’ll pay as premium and what all services are offered by us under each plan. Choose the right insurance policy to protect your family and friends to have a stress free vacation.

Anu SarmaInboundusa Insurance Covers Visitor Medical Expenses