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Understanding customs of the new country

by Anu Sarma on March 15, 2013 Comments Off on Understanding customs of the new country

Understanding customs of a country is required in two situations: one is when you have immigrated to a new country for a job or if you have come to a new country for a long duration. In any case it is good to learn and adapt the popular customs because understanding customs of a new country is advantageous in many aspects. Let’s learn the benefits here.

Being part of a society makes life simpler and easier, then be it in our own native land or in a new country. Unless we learn and adopt at least some basic customs it becomes difficult for us to understand the basic requirement and courtesies for living in another country according to their social norms. Some of the customs can be followed simply by imitating but there are lot many inherent formalities which we need to learn in order to stay attuned. It makes living in a new country comfortable and much easier to adjust.

It is said “be a Roman while in you are in Rome”. This is the reason learning by understanding the customs of the new country is widely solicited. If not the intricate social norms saying hello to neighbors, communication with local departmental stores, or stationery counters, or to wish good morning, maintaining cordial relation with the next door neighbor is part of understanding local culture. Similarly, the basic etiquette to act in a restaurant or to send a bouquet for your new neighbors or for the office colleague is a prerequisite to act comfortable in a new community with in a new social structure. This new way of accommodation gets easy and spontaneous when we become keen for understanding customs of the new country, etc.

Lastly we can show our eagerness and respect to a new community by understanding customs of the new country. For example, in UK countries invitees are expected to maintain the time as mentioned by host for a formal invitation. In France, the social norm is to reach at the party venue at least after one hour of time scheduled for the party/dinner. Unless we learn understanding the customs and basic formalities in a new country we will never be at ease there and that is the secret of living comfortable and be socially active in a new country.

Anu SarmaUnderstanding customs of the new country